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Blackberries----NOW YOU ARE UP MY ALLEY Marcene Daniels oldtimer My this brings so many memories of the old days of my youth.

In an earlier post I wrote of our family taking a picnic lunch and going on a day of berry picking. We lived on the top of Lester St off of Victory Blvd. This is a street that is on the left side of Fairview Cemetery. If one continued up Lester it became in those days Gower Street.
At the top of Gower there was nothing then but fields. The only buildings in the whole area above Gower were the old Brewery on Manor Rd. All the way to Mountainwiew St there were woods or fields. Full of berries. Blackberries, and of course Elderberries..

MOther would then make jellies and of course Elderberry dumplings that evening.

I still can taste and smell those dumplings. I make the same blackberry jam today here in California as I live where the blackberries grow all over the town and countryside. They are really a pain in the neck to keep out of your yard.

In not to many years past I made every kind of pickle there is. Dill, chow chow, bread and butter, relishes and sweet ones. I had two neighbor women who would work with me. We would then divide the work and the spoils.

Once you invested in all those jars and supplies, you used them over and over. We did can fruits too. Being in a warmer climate, in California we did not feel it was safe to can tomato products.

I also have my candy recipes in my files. We made hand dipped candy and also hundreds of chocolate dipped Easter eggs which we decorated and sold for fund raising for church. The local drug stores sold them for us too. They had divinity centers. Cherry and walnut or Chocolate and pecan centers. Yum

So many memories, Thank you, OLdtimer

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