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Hey Neal!

Re posting the Prayer: You're very welcome! Did you do that Power Point Presentation yourself??? If so....VERY GOOD!!!!

As for the St.Pat's pic I did view it yesterday but not from start to finish as I had to run out and then got caught up in one meeting after another. I'll check it out today! K? I'm also not sure if my file manager accepts EXE files. I'll check that out too! (BTW...THANKS! *S*)

Re school: I teach Religion *chuckle* and I tutor Math, Reading and Children with Learning Disabilities....amongst other things. *S*

That's very COOL about your teaching Accounting and Federal Taxes! I'll just bet that you go crazy with the questions at this time of the year. Lucky for you I do my Mom's and I finished hers the other day so you won't get any from me! *LOL*

I use to work in Accounting too....YEARS ago! I worked in Accounts Receivable for United States Aviation Insurance Group for 5 years. (They're located in Manhattan.)

Bubeye for now! I'm sure I'll catch you later!

~Waving~ to Ya!


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