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Castleton Avenue Dan Blaine DBLIVIT I remember buying a new surfcasting outfit at Ryder's on
Castleton and Clove. I bought it on the lay-away plan. I paid the salesman, Johnny (last name?) as much of the money I made from my Advance paper route as I could spare every Saturday afternoon. He would give me a slip of paper with the balance remaining...what a goal to work for! I could see that balance going down every week. After about 6 months I was able to pick up my fishing gear. Of course, there were no "carrying charges", so I really appreciated that fishing outfit.

Nowadays, I think some parents give their kids charge accounts at stores in the shopping malls and banks will solicit kids with offers of credit cards.

Jaysus!...I'm beginning to sound like an old codger!...DAN BLAINE

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