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The Bakery Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Arla's! Below is an excerpt from Hoftopia #6: "Bells on Her Fingers"

This was a problem...the cook was a true Staten Islander of mixed German, Italian, Irish, Polish and Greek heritage. From her forebears she had learned how to make pffeffernusse, tiramisu, kruschkies, baklava and of course Crumb Buns, but chocolate cake was a something she had never learned how to make...the Irish cuisine in general not being too popular. She picked up the phone book and looked in the yellow pages for an Irish bakery. There was only one that specialized in chocolate cake...Arla's on the corner of Pelton and Forest avenue in West New Brighton...and their chocolate cake was the best on SI! Of course, the recipe was a family secret strictly guarded by the grandmother Mrs. T., and once she retired the bakery only stayed in business for a short while.

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