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SI Life Listed Alphabetically >>>H's Marguerite Rivas sipoet Having been made aware that it is after midnight half past actually, I still could not help but humiliate myself once again. So here are my "h" words:

Huguenot honeys (Lorac and I) hungered for penny candy and bit-0 -honey at Hasselbachs.
Hills (seven of them)
Hills, the killah (as in Wu Tang Music)
heartbreak at Huguenot beach
hugging at Huguenot beach
handball at the firehouse
Huguenot High School building which was really Tottenville.
Huguenot Park Library (the old one) smallest in NY I was told. Read every book there.Had to get permission.
Herons blue and white?
Honeysuckle in June drenching the air
Harrison's (Two Guys) NJ
hash and eggs
heavenly blue skies in spring
harmonica player on the ferry
hitch hiking up the boulevard in hiked up Catholic school girl uniforms
Hot Pants
hula hoop
helicopters hovering with mosquito spray
helicopters hovering when a cop's been shot

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