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Way Too Hi Tech for FawCawnahs Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I don't know where your minds are!

I finally got the problem solved by re-installing the whole damn program. What gets me is that I had to suggest doing that to 3Com's support department, which must be very large.
Then they emailed me back saying to do that. So I did that.
And it worked.

So I wrote 'em back saying thanks.

And they wrote me back saying thanks for saying thanks, they wuz going to tell the whole division, which was going to be very happy they made me happy.

You know what's going to happen next. I'm going to lose the damn thing. It's going to slip out of my pocket and I won't be able to whip it out the next time some cute-young-thing with a cute-behind smiles at me and is willing to give me her personal contact data. Those are two big conditions.

In the Buddy-Buddy club on Clove Road we usta call that her phone number. If it didn't appear on any of walls in the place, it was usually okay.

What I wanna know is, if I could figure out how to solve the damtechnical problem, how come I don't get a job down at 3Com.

All you hafta do is tell the customer to re-install the install program and he can walk around with his Thing in his Palm all day if he wants. He can even look phone numbers on it, which is something I never used to be able to do.



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