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Use Grown up Words Harry White hrwhite The newly graduated kindergartners were in their first day of first grade. The teacher wanted to make sure that they started using grown up words.
She asked little Annie what she did over the weekend.
Annie said "I went to visit Nanna"
"No." said the teacher You went to see you grandmother. You need to use grown up words."
She turned and asked little Billy what he did over the weekend.
Billy said "I rode the choo-choo train."
"No." the teacher corrected him "You rode the train. You need to use grown up words."
She then turned to Tommy. "What did you do this weekend" she asked.
"I read a book"
"That's good" said the teacher, "What book did you read?"
Tommy thought about it a little bit then said...

"Winnie the S*it"

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