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hey neal!!!! Neal Mulligan neal Rich,

The weather is great--about 70 today. Snow is finally all gone. I think the American Enfield was made at Springfield Armory just up the road. It was in production before the Girand M-1 developed in Springfield. I take it the one you have is a 30 caliber bolt action. My brother Howard is a gun fancier and would know more than I. If your up this way drop by and we'll visit the Armory Museum. They have a great exhibit of rifles, machine guns, and hand guns from here and around the world. Enfield was once part of Springfield. Springfield was auto capital of the world in the early teens. They built the Knox, Dureyea, Stevens, Indian motocycle, and Rolls Royce and one other whose name escapes me. Ford was the guy who got Detroit on map in twenties. Dureyea and his brother drove first car in US on what is now Taylor Street in Springfield. Town hasn't done much since then. Still its a nice place to live.
Hope you can get up here sometime.
Thanks for the SI Advance web page.



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