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This is an astonishing question, to me, because it suggests that the way to find "comparables," that is the selling prices of comparable real estate on S.I. is via this website rather than through a real estate broker. Real estate salespeople in California, where I live, use a multiple listing service where they post "lisings," that is properties listed for sale, along with descriptive particulars, asking price, etc. Then when the property sells, the selling price is listed. This becomes part of a data base for the neighborhood, type of property, etc. Appraisers and realtors, buyers and sellers,use this info to evaluate properties. But you need to join the listing service or consult, or hire, a real estate broker to access this information. This carries a price tag unless you have a friend in the biz willing to part with it, but he/she is going to want the listing and commission. Only a private seller not using a real estate broker or agent, to save the commission, perhaps, would ask a question such as that posed by the gentleman from Dongan Hills. Even if there was a reply off the web, how would you know how reliable the information was? Usually when evaluating real estate, you want several comparables so you can establish a range of values into which you think the property in which you are interested fits; otherwise you lack the proper context, and as a smart guy once said, "Context is everything."

My question is whether StatNisland employs this service. I have trouble believing it doesn't, but S.I. and California are very different countries in some respects. -rs

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