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Happy Birthday To All the Pisces out there! Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hey dadoo, i got some insite for da golf game.

here is how i always win at golf.

i get ta da greenie area with they tea off -- i like dat herbil stuff and all.

den i swing at da little white thingie a bobb with a club -- no sode please.

while da uter guys and girles are sweatin look for der balls all around da woods and hitting em all over da place, i find where my landed.

i pick it up, put it in me pocket and when i get to da flat area wit the flag pole sticking up outta da big hold, i put me ball down and putt it in.

walla, i win, day loose. and i get a great day o walking around 18 holes.

(use bad guys and girls no smart alic remarks pretty please)


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