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Happy Birthday To All the Pisces out there! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

Dadoo! I'm totally devastated! *LOL* Did you think that I didn't remember your exact date? Au Contraire! I remembered it well! *S* In fact, I I took a look at your Solar Return chart! A "Solar Return Chart" is just what it sounds like. Every year at the the approximate time of ones birth the SUN returns to it's "original" position. For you (using your RELOCATED position) that moment will happen at precisely: 8:51:50 PM EST on the 14th! Yessss I know your Birthday is on the 15th...but the Sun doesn't have a calendar! *LOL* It returns according to it's own rythm! *S*

Just to let you know...Your children will be bringing you particular happiness over the course of the next year and you'll be putting ALOT of energy into relationships. They could be either BUSINESS or PERSONAL but they're the one to one kind!

Ironically, you mentioned money in your post. LOL Jupiter has now moved into the constellation of Taurus (that's for everyone) and while monetary manifestations are going to be very plentiful across the board for alot of people....your Solar Return Chart shows that you just might be tempted to get involved in speculative ventures. Think once, twice and THREE times before (or if) you do it! *S*

Just use the good and very discriminating instincts you usually have!

Also...if you're thinking of getting more involved in your Music again...GO FOR IT! Your creativity will be ~flowin~!

Just thought I'd let you know what I saw! *S*


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