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Way Too Hi Tech for FawCawnahs Robert Sheridan bobsheridan BobC, you are sodamnright that it makes me sick.

If it wasn't for some sweet young thing who pulled out a Palm device at a cocktail party the other nite to write down the name of a website I gave her, instead of rummaging around in her purse (come to think of it I don't think she even had a purse)for a scrap of paper and a pen, under the lipsticks, compacts, and all the other crap women carry in their forearm backpacks, I wouldn't have even thought of buying one.

But when the Yups whip out the latest sword symbol, I hafta have one too, so I don't look like a, make that "more like a" fossil than I am.

Can't be behind the curve, you see.

Gotta be ahead of it, or at least on top, but not behind.
She did have a cute behind, I must admit.


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