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Trivia Diane J DJ Lost Why is the person who helps a golfer called a caddy?

A caddy is a person who can tell you what a great shot you made. (You can't count on such support from your partner, whose fondest wish could be that you will totally humiliate yourself.) Caddys know enough not to hand you a brassie when you need a niblick.

So why call them caddys? The word caddy (or caddie, as its sometimes spelled) comes from France, via Scotland, and is a corruption of "cadet." In France a cadet was a rich man's younger son. Since the eldest son inherited the whole estate, any males born after him often joined the army, which gives us the military sense of cadet. Eventually cadet came to mean someone who did lowly work, a "go-for" or errand boy--just the kind of person to serve another person who wants only to putter around.

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