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Way Too Hi Tech for FawCawnahs ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~


Regarding the issue on how you were suppose to know that we guys knew anything about computers: What can I say other than we here (some of us *LOL*) are multi~facted individuals! Hey! There's alot we know! You'd probably be very surprised! *S*

Moving on....

Sooooooo talk to me about these "gypsy's"! I'm tres interested! Did they give you a free reading or anything? Nahhhh I betcha were tooooo afraid even if they did offer! *LOL* You've never even given ME your birth data yet and I've known you for years now! LOL For someone who supposedly doesn't believe in the validity of 4th Dimensional disciplines...WHY NOT? I mean...a "NOTHING" can't hurt you can it??? *sly smile*

Why don't you at least THINK about giving it up! (Your Birth Data that is! LOL) C'mon! *nudge nudge* I would NEVAH reveal anything PUBLICALLY..unless you wanted me too of course! We do have our code of ethics which btw is ~Spiritual~ Law!

Also, while I realize that the likelihood of you getting any more "gypsy" cases is quite remote, and while I'm not exactly a "gypsy" (far from it)... I do hereby offer my expertise in the ~Spiritual~ and Metaphysical disciplines that I do have expertise in.....

....should you ever need it! *S*

And as for carrying your ball around...LOL...the gypsies apparently didn't teach you well enough because you don't really need it!!! *S* Once you raise your vibration can "see" without external paraphenilia! *S*

Soooo In closing, I'll just repeat that anytime you want to test the ~Astrological~~~~Waters~~~.....(You know, for SCIENTIFIC purposes!) know where to find me! *S*


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