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Way Too Hi Tech for FawCawnahs Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Donna, you're absolutely right, again!

Next time I wanna make a phone call on my mobile phone and need to look up the number, forget the Handheld, I'll consult my astrological chart instead, or my five pound crystal ball the size of a shot-putt, given to me by a real Gypsy, which I'll start carrying around in my briefcase, the ball, not the Gypsy. At least I know the latter, the ball, works. I looked in it to see how I wuz doin' on her big case, it told me I wuz winnin,' and that's how it turned out, after six years of tryin,' longer than WWII.

How wuz I supposed to know you guys knew anything about computers! What would anyone who knew about computers be doin' around here? Would you trust a Ferryboat rider with your computer? Mustard! Shine!


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