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The Lady in the Lake Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Suddenly, a scraping noise was heard outside of the cave! Merlin and rs rushed out just in time to see a strange looking fellow holding a large glue pot in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other.

He was dressed in a downhill skier's suit and wore a belled multi-pointed jester's cap. He had just finished scraping Moses' commandments off the placard and with a pair of scissors was in the process of cutting jokes out of Fleer's double bubble gum wrappers and glueing them to the board.

It was none other than Hasty Harry, from now on to be known (in these Chronicles) as H. As the chief cutter and paster of the SI sign co., he was making his rounds of the North Shore and was now up to Sunnyside with Four Corners next on the agenda.

The wiz asked him what the hell was he doing, defacing Moses' commandment board? H replied:.....

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