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Way Too Hi Tech for FawCawnahs Dan Blaine DBLIVIT ROFL! Bob, Gina's right...the only way to store those names and numbers is on little scraps of paper. That way you can put them in various places: like your wallet, different pants and jacket pockets, over the sun visor in your car and scrawled on your desk calendar. I've still got a 1996 desk calendar on my desk...too many important names and numbers on it to update to a current calendar.

By having various storage places, you always have a chance of recovering some of your data: if your office burns down, you've still got numbers on the wall next to the kitchen phone or on the refrigerator door. However, if your palm pilot goes belly-up, you are up Lemon Creek w/o a paddle.

Of course the best way to store these names and numbers is to commit them to memory...Just ask "Chick" Joseph, he even remembers what hospital he was born in! :) DBLIVIT

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