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Way Too Hi Tech for FawCawnahs Gina * Gina Well that explains why PALM did a nose dive from $165. a share on Thursday to $64 7/16. today...OUCH!

HEY! RS be careful what you store in that thingie it may get too hot & explode LOL Didn't know youse guys from FawCawnahs knew about things like the Kama Sutra - no wonder yazz waLK funny sometimes.

Remember to charge it too - I had something similar, all loaded uP with numbers & info. - thought it was great that I could take it with me. Wellllllllllll I didn't use it for several months and when I went to use it the batteries had gone dead and so did all the info. I had stored :(
YEH! I had some back uP but not all of it stored on the BIG puter. Techno is great but I think many of us have learned the hard way info. stored on paper is a better back uP & lasts longer cause even dem floppy disks can have problems sometimes LOL

Gee I sure hope PALM goes uP again after U get that thingie problem settled ROFL


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