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How many do you Remember? Marguerite Rivas sipoet Donna,
White lipstick oh gosh that's so funny. It got kind of pearly looking when I hit high school. A funny thing happened to me, too with regard to the white lipstick. I was always a pale and frail looking kid. My mom used to drag me to Dr. Matthews in Tottenville every Tuesday for a B-12 shot. Anyway she was always obsessing on me for my anemia and such. Well, I decided to try the white lipstick once. I had been into art and was looking at a book of Japanese art that had pictures of all these classy looking ladies with pure white faces and such. I read that it was some sort of sign of a higher spirituality or something, so I decided to put some white powder on my face with my white lipstick just to see how I'd look in the most higher spiritual plane. Well, I walked out of the bathroom like that and my mother almost fainted! I swear. She started screaming!!! She was going to rush me to the hospital -- she thought I'd lost every red blood cell in my entire body!! Oh my gosh, the things that I put that poor sainted woman through.
By the time we got into high school, we had stretch bras for the first time, too, I think. Before that they had this kind of fiberfill stuff in them, remember? Sheesh those stretch bras left nothing to the imagination. I remember wearing this psychadelic one that my older sister had bought me under my Catholic School uniform. When I took off the jacket, it shone through like a beacon. Boy did I ever get it that day! The head nun made me borrow someone's sweater vest! Oh the good old days.
This was a great post, Donna. Thanks. Brought out a lot of old memories.

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