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SI Life Listed Alphabetically - G Marguerite Rivas sipoet Garibaldi, garter belts; gold (fool's) dug from the statnisland earth; Goodhue Children's Center; Great Kills Park looking for meteors at night; garbage trucks that sound like elephants; gravestones -- old ones-- ; ghosts at Alice Austen house, the Conference House, and other places; gear shifts on bikes; Gumby; gas stations that let you pump your own gas; goobers; gin and tonic -- something that the grown-ups drank from tall glasses in the summer; glacier-- SI the terminal moraine; galloping on a stick pony; grubbing cigarettes in high school; goldenrod in late summer seem to bow down; Great Blue Heron wading in Spring Pond on a spring mornning looking for his/her breakfast; Great Blue Heron taking flight through the woods, unfolding its wings looking like a pterodactyl while children from Park Hill scream in delight, or fear; grapes were said to be the best on Staten Island in the seventeenth century; grapes that my neighbor grew; grapevine that confirms the fact that Staten Island still is a very small place despite it all; Gateway

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