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Dear Friend, Diane J DJ Lost Dear Long-time friend,

Well, here it is on St. Patrickís Day Ė the time when I usually dedicate time to write a few letters to my good friends. The time when I remember all the good things and indulge myself to the extent of getting a little sentimental.

Itís a blustery evening , but here in my den itís cozy and comfortable. Iím sitting here before a nice open fireplace with my computer, sort of half listening to the radio and slowly sipping a very nice dry martini. I only wish you were here, but since you are not the least I can do I s to toast you health and happiness, so time out old pal, while I bend the elbow to you.

I just time out to mix another martini and while I was out in the kitchen, I thought of all the time I would waste this evening if I went out to mix another drink every once in a while--- so I just made up a big pitcher of martinis and brought it back with me so Iíll have it tight here with meín wouldín have to wst time making mor of them. So now Iím all set and here goes. Besides martinis are s great dring. Fore some reason the never seem to effect mre in the slightest. Can drin theme all day long.

So here goes.
The greatest thing in the whole word is feiship. And Believe me pal you are the gereatest pal anybody ever has. Do you remememember all the wessll times we had together pal?/ the wonderful campin trips. I*ll never forget the tim you put the ded skunk in my sleppign bag. Ha ha ah b oy howwe laugheded didn we. Never did get the stin kout of it. But is was preyt funnt anywau. I till laug aout it nowec in a while. Nt as much as I used to. But what the hcek after all you all still by bext olpal. And if a guy can8t havw a laghu on a good frenid onece in a wilhe when the heck.

Dam pitcher was empty so I just wentoutand ma de another one and I sure wisch you werer here old pl to help ne frink him martone because they are simpli delishous. Padn me while I litf my glasssss to you a good hlth oncemor because you sre the bests pal I got. Ot vourse why a pal whould fro a dirty thin like putin a shuk in amother pals slepppin bad, I will neva no. and if you dink is so funy your0r a duurty louuuse. To hell with yooou.

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