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;Mickeys Dan Blaine DBLIVIT The following is an excerpt from Hoftopia #31: "Winter Wonderland".

He was able to follow the yellow and blue trail markers painted on various trees along the trail at approximately 25yard intervals. As the trail went past the back of St. Francis Seminary, Willie heard a voice shouting: "I don't want to be goalie anymore, I want to skate!". He peeked thru the trees and saw a group of boys playing hockey on the pond on the grounds of St. Francis. They had a fire going and would skate back to the fire now and then and gingerly pull a burnt potato out of the fire and munch on it.

Willie's stomach rumbled...he hadn't had anything to eat in two days and seeing the kid munch on the potato made him salivate. He walked down to the edge of the pond and yelled to the players: "Hey, I volunteer to be steady goalie!" (this would be analogous to "steady catcher" that we used to have in pickup ball games....but I'm not sure if the same terminology is used in hockey).

The kids skated over, looked at Willie and said: "OK, yer don't have any skates, but that doesn't matter...we can use yer. Grab a micky out of the fire and come on out.". Juggling the hot potato in his hands, Willie slid out on the ice and took the goalie's position in front of the homemade net. The "goal" was made of pieces of sheetrock that had been filched off a construction site up the street in back of Sid Krohl's house.

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