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How many do you Remember? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ Marguerite,

Yep! We are about the same age. You're one year younger! *S*

As for coming in at the... ahhhh.... TAIL end of the stocking thing *LOL*....I do indeedy think you're right and I DOUBLE do indeedy think that Rich will have PAHLENTY to say about it. (If he hasn't already said it! LOL)

Just as you said, those danged garters were a horror! They were extra bad for me because I was tall. People (read Children) seem to be much taller these days but believe me when I tell you I was ahead of my time on that score. I was tall, with long legs and horribly SHORT garters. They were ALWAYS popping and just as you said, you'd have to sneak somewhere or get a friend to "cover" you by standing in front of you to fix them! LOL

As for the Mom thing, I can TOTALLY identify with that. For you the horror was wearing stockings with popping garters to a Mets game. For me the horror was having my hair curled for EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL PICTURE! Not only did she make me curl it every year....but it came out absolutely CRAPPY every year! I use to cringe at the mere thought of back-to-school pictures. LOL

And...speaking of "Do You Remembers" and the male hormone...I've got another one for you! Do you remember when WHITE lipstick was popular???? I was in Junior High I think at the time. The thing about the white lipstick was that it was kind of funky. It would sometimes cake up in the corners of your lips. Anyway, this one day I go to CCD classes and FORGOT to put on my lip stick. For those who might not know what CCD is it's "RELIGION" classes. Anyway, it's a good thing I had a lay teacher (no comments there either Rich! LOL) and not a Nun because when the teacher left the room for a tiny while this one day, I decided to put some on. My friend Patty and I were the only girls in the class with a WHOLE BUNCH OF BOYS! *BWG* Anyway, after I put the lipstick on, I made the stupid mistake of saying to Patty: Do my lips look funny??? I meant (of course) was it on straight and was it NOT caked up. When the teacher came back in shortly after he saw me whispering to Patty and said: What are you two girls talking about? I was sitting there absolutely dying when Patty says: Donna wanted to know if her lips looked funny!

You practically had to SCRAPE the boys off the floor as they were laughing so hard.

Yep! White lipstick goes on the THINGS REMEMBERED list....FOR SURE! *LOL* White Lipstick...

and the Pain of Puberty! *LOL*


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