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Hi Kenj
The new format is 1 month old today and there are 536 registered members - not including all the guest who just read as they browse through. My personal opinion is that 536 is a pretty good # for the Web Board only being in its infancy.

I think all of us were shocked (cept the newbies) when we did our daily "click n go to" on June 16 to discover the change - "OUCH!!! OK so we had to read a bit and do the trial & error thing for a couple of days but once ya get used to it all the "where's & what's" seem to disappear.

Something I have suggested to quite a few who post here is to go to "EDIT PROFILE" and at the bottom click on "NO FRAMES" then you won't have to deal with the annoyance of the split screen. Once you get rid of the "frames" you should have a screen that looks pretty much like the old way. For me getting rid of the split screen made following the posts/links & reading sooooooooooo much easier. The other thing I have decided I like is the fact that you can click on a topic heading and then read all the add on messages (if any) all in one scroll down OR you can click on the + next to the topic heading and expand it to see who or how many additional posts have been entered. When doing a post I like the idea that if I made a mistake I can go back and edit it on my own without having to e-mail the Webmaster to do the correction, (which I often did in the past).

As far as people who visit the Web Site, I think everyone should keep in mind that the Internet in an "Around the World" item and covers all the worlds time zones. If at the end of a day you were to click on "Today's Users" I think "U" will be surpirsed to see how many people sign on to the Web Board in a day. The "Today's Messages" is a feature I like to use so I get to see any/all messages that are new on a daily basis which resets every night at midnight.

Hang in there guy you'll be whizzing through this new format in no time just like before.


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