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SI Life Listed Alphabetically Marguerite Rivas sipoet Farrell dances; far out; Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor; Faber pool; Faber the guy who invented the lead pencil; Farm Colony; Fire -- the big one that destroyed the South Shore in the sixties; Flagg, Ernest; fossils; Fox Hills Hospital during WWI ; French Huguenots; Fresh Kills bridge; Fourth of July Picnics at Reinhardts; fungi; fern stand at Blue Heron Park; flowers in spring - queen anne's lace; spotted touch-me-nots;buttercups; firehouse at Huguenot great for playing handball with a pink rubber ball; fishermen surfcasting at SS White's beach; fishermen - oysters-- from Sandy Ground; ferry explosion of the Westfield; fast food - BK McD Wetsons Chuckwagon; family home at Huguenot - lilycup house, oh how I miss it; fuschia; forsythia in May; frankfurters at the ferry terminal with crunchy skin; Fink's gas station; finks - as in ratfinks; fireworks at the Terrace; fireworks at South Beach; fireworks at the Conference house; fairies in the woods; fasting on Good Friday; Fotomat; Forest Avenue Shopper's Town; filling stations

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