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Queenie better return and FAST Pat O'Shaughnessy patos The Queen donned a disguise and took the kids to the zoo where they had a great time. The kids seemed to enjoy the snake exhibit especially. Probably reminds them of their father she thought smugly. MEANWHILE BACK AT THE CASTLE

The King was about to have a telephone conference with a lobbyist from the tobacco industry about the Kings ability to cut tobacco product taxes. The King was apprehensive about this meeting he was always afraid of being caught at one of his shady deals. He called the Sgt. of his personal guards; "Send "The Bimbo" down here; he commanded ". Mona Bluwinski, he smiled as he thought of her name. What a stroke of luck meeting her she was so gullible she swallowed every excuse and every story he threw at her. True she was kinda pudgy, not too bright, not even attractive but she knew when keep her mouth shut and when to open it. She was not really suited to be in any sort of police work not even a rent-a-cop but she did have other talents. The door opened and in burst Mona "I've missed you she cooed" "And I've missed you too" , he replied. She proceeded to make her usual complaints about the Queen and how the Sgt. of the Palace guard had given her the code name "Bimbo", He listened politely until she was finished. " Light me up one those hand rolled cigars and get one for yourself if you'd like". I'd rather have a White Owl she said as she knelt before him and placed the cigar in his mouth.
Just then the phone rang

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