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new england weather Harry White hrwhite Rich, To a degree it was the traffic/congestion that drove me from Laurel, MD. The cost of living, summer humidity and distance to good skiing were also factors. I love seasons, warm sunny summers, cool crisp falls with leaves that change (You should see the golden Aspens here), cold (not frigid) snowy winters and bright bright sunny warming springs. Where I live, Mammoth Lakes, is heaven on earth. We have bright blue skies and sunshine 70-80% of the time. Summer temperatures in the 70's - 80's day time and 50's - 60's at night. Humidity never above 30%. Small town, one grocery store, no department stores, 5K population and 4 traffic lights (only need one but they were a 4 for $3K). One ski mountain, 3K vertical, 3.5K acres of skiing. 1K of mountain lakes with lots of streams full of trout. A whole mountain range, Sierra Nevada, to climb, hike and play. Several wilderness areas as pristine as can be. Clean clear air. No I'm not on the chamber of commerce. I just love this place. I hope you find a place you can love as much as I love this place. HARRY

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