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As part of her work release program, OT worked in the crumb bun dept. of Holtermann's bakery. The proprietor let her bring some of the day old buns to the Richmond County Jail where she returned each night for lockup. There usually weren't too many, because Holtermann's did a booming business and they gave a "baker's dozen" of the buns to each customer. This was in sharp contrast to today's supermarket baked goods...the "bean counters" at Sara Lee or Publix would go mad if they couldn't factor in each ounce of product cost vs. profit.

Distributing the buns gave OT the opportunity to visit each cell and get to know the other inmates. She soon spent more time chatting with the inmates of cell #17 than with any of the others. Cell#17, the maximum security cell of the jail was inhabited by two dangerous criminals: Willie Sutton, the "gentleman" bankrobber and that menace to Andrew's Hoftopian reign: Charlton Hairsuit.

If her husband, who was constantly away at sea was her "Alpha" man, Charlton Hairsuit became her Omega man. In a purely platonic sense, of course. Charlton's flattery and his allusions to her resemblance to Marlene Dietrich caused OT to look forward to her visits to cell #17. OT's enthusiasm did not go unremarked by Charlton Hairsuit's cellmate, Willie "the actor" Sutton.

Willie asked Charlton to see if he could talk OT into getting some shoe polish and a large bar of Ivory soap for them...he had a plan and both the shoe polish and the soap were a necessary ingredients. Charlton told OT he was depressed because his "Khartoum" boots were filthy and since most of his roles were either biblical or wearing jodhpurs and riding a horse he felt as if his soul had been stripped from him and he'd rather be nailed to a cross than endure any more of this ignominy.

Innocent OT, believing every word of Charlton's story went on her usual Sunday visit to Halloran hospital and stopped by to see Airdale Charlie. She asked him if he had any shoe polish in his ditty bag that he could spare. He did, and he gave a her a can of Kiwi polish. Only as she was on the bus going back to the jail did she realize that it was a can of brown shoe polish and Charlton had specifically asked for black shoe polish for his boots. She got a green transfer slip and took the #? bus down Gifford's lane to Great Kills harbor.

At the harbor, she went to the cattle barge next to Shoal's dock and went out to the slip where the S.S. Minnow was tied up. Captain BarNACLe Bill was helping the baitboy, future airdale Shake load buckets of chum and bunker backs onto the Minnow from the baitbarge. The blues were running and even the Minnow was taking out a full load of fishermen everyday. As long as the weather remained clear, BarNACLe Bill had no problem setting course for buoy #7, it was only when he was forced to differentiate between relative and true bearings that he had a problem.

They both greeted OT with a leering: "Ahoy there, good lookin, I've got a 72, what'ya wanna do?" Blushing, OT ignored their salty innuendoes and came right to the point...Could they spare a can of black shoepolish? Her husband failed the liberty party inspection due to dull dress shoes, and he only had 15minutes to get them polished up and catch the last liberty boat. ( she figured this white lie was harmless and would ensure success). BarNACLe Bill immediately opened his ditty bag and gave OT his only can of black Kiwi shoepolish, while future airdale Shake looked down at his brown work shoes...Even in those pre-navy days he showed a predilection toward the non-seafaring service. However, when OT now asked for a bar of Ivory soap, baitboy Shake was able to produce an almost fresh bar of it....he needed it for scrubbing up after a day's work on the bait station.

OT thanked the two men and caught the next bus back to Richmond County Jail...little did she know what Willie Sutton planned to do with the two "presents" for Charlton Hairsuit....

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