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The Mick Resurfaces NOW IF THE DAMN QUEEN WOULD ONLY GET HER ACT TOGETHER Pat O'Shaughnessy patos The Mick was just down the street from St. Columba's Hall. It had taken a long time for him to walk back from the Flagship. He didn't know if it was his long locks or the bat that kept the busdrivers from stopping to pick him up. It made no difference he was home now and the walk had helped clear his head. Even so there was a blur for the last month ?, months ?, year? whatever. As he looked up the street he noticed that the lights were on in the bar area of the hall and a shadow was visible on the shade of the full length window. It looked like a female figure because it appeared the shadow was wearing a dress. He suddenly remembered someone telling him something about a lake and some woman. He quickly went up the steps and through the door only to find Msgr. McGowan and 3 more priests standing by the bar. "Well it's about time bucko", Msgr. bellowed "We know where you've been and we know what you've been doing ; we'll do the talking and you'll do the
listening " !

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