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How many do you Remember? Neal Mulligan neal Donna,
You got me started. DAs, 5 cent ferry, SI bus transfers to the subways, Dick Tracy's FlatTop, lucky bucks, torn tee shirts, Eisenhower jackets, The World Telegram, Journal American, The Mirror, 3rd list, submarine races, drug store cowboys, bobby socks, poodle skirts, the sack, pantaloons, petticoats, padded bras, how nudie mags showed girls before playboy, Mad magazine (for a dime), Panic, coffee in a bowl, black and white sundae, white silk scarfs, pegged pants, zoot suits, gabardines, spaldeens, stick ball, shoe tax (caused everyone to buy in Perth Amboy), Levys with a blue stripe, chop tops, raked and channeled mercs, skirts on cars, Step down Hudsons, Kaisers and Frasers sold in Pleasant Plains on Amboy Rd., Dixie Peach, Fitch Shampoo ( I'll send Anyone's favorite charity $20 that can give me their ad slogan), Tom Mix, how bout his horses name?, LSMFT, Old Golds, Lew Chows, Cato, Boston Blackie, Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Skoong, The Lip, Yellow cabs, Checkers, 2 Cent soft pretzels, Perth Amboy Ferry, hats in church, Von Monroe, Johnie Ray, Kulka Fran & Ollie, test patterns, songs like--Cry, Bocha me, Commona my house, The Thing. Enough



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