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Weavers Neal Mulligan neal The Weavers were a folk group popular in the around 49-51. They consisted of Pete Seger, a gal named Ronnie, can't recall last name and a fiddle or base player who's name also escapes me. I can see him and I know he died about 10 years ago from diabetes but I can't bring up the name. They were very left wing and got themselves blacklisted. I'm probably the only conservative I know who liked them. A couple of their hits were "Irene Goodnight" and "On Top of Old Smoky". Ronnie had a beautiful voice and still performs I'm told. Pete Seger is still around also, both hit the college circuit. There's a film about them that you might find in a library called "The Weaver". It's pretty good.

As for the question about where my getup has been been I'd tell you but I know Rich is listening. Blushing


While we're on the subject did you forget:
Poodle skirts, panty girdles, pantaloons, padded bras--Oh that's enough, I getting all frustrated.

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