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How many do you Remember? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

Yesss! Those metal ice cube trays were something. I can still see (in my minds eye) my Mom pulling the handle back to get the little suckers out! *LOL* It wasn't always easy. If you poured too much water in it froze over the separaters and made it a bit difficult.

Re the pre~pantyhose days: Oh Yes! I remember them but good! In fact, when I first started to wear stockings they had SEAMS in them. Can you imagine! I started to wear stockings kind of young I think. I wanted to so badly I nagged my Mom until she let me. Not only did the stockings have seams but YEP! We had to wear them with those pesky garter belts. I remember my friends and I constantly telling each other if our "seams" were straight. *LOL* As far as I was concerned they were a pain in the neck and I was so happy when pantyhose were born. Who would have ever believed that down the road I would go out of my way to BUY THEM again! I bought the seamed stockings as pantyhose a few years ago through Victoria Secret go with one of my favorite black dresses!

And no wasn't a WITCHES outfit! *LOL* That's NOT Victoria's Secret! *S*

Re the airplanes: YEP!!!! I remember them! *S* My brothers had all of that stuff.


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