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2nd Liver Transplant Complete - Prayers Positive Gina * Gina A quick uPdate on my friend Fran...

The second liver arrived from a donor in Louisiana late last evening.

I just spoke with her nurse and Fran has just come out of the recovery room and is back to her bed in intensive care. She is still in serious condition...the good news is that the 2nd transplant is complete and the nurse said her blood pressure & vital stats are good & much improved compared to before the 2nd surgery...after the first surgery there was little response and her condition was grave...this time she is waking up on her own with no out of the ordinary assistance, which is also a very good sign.

Although she still has a long way to go, at this point I'm very happy she is still with us.

Keep Praying & sending those positive wellness messages...there's "miracle granting" when it has the sound of many believers.

Thank You ((((ALL))))


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