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FAT Neal Mulligan neal Began working out again this week, after 14 month layoff. This makes more comebacks than Hamlet's father. My whole body's pissed. Goal is to loss 25 lbs. Is anyone else going through this misery? I've cut out all snacks. No cookies, no milk, I've long ago quit drinking. Everything I like is habit forming, fattening or cancer causing. Not too far from my house is a place called the WHITE HUT. They serve the best hamburgs and fried onions in world. I swear, if I'm ever diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor I'm going to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there till it's over.
The only solace is that the dog went to the vet and was diagnosed FAT. He's also on diet. He weighs 105, should be 90-95. But he doesn't have to pump iron. He seems to have compensated for the 2 cup reduction in food by sleeping more, must be around 23 hrs a day now, up from 20-21.
He doesn't even get up when strangers come to the house. I think you could break in and if you didn't take the couch he was sleeping on you'd be home free.

Good thing I handle adversity well. Create a great weekend everyone.



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