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Liver Transplant-Prayers & Positive Thoughts Gina * Gina I have a dear friend & co-worker who had a liver transplant on Monday morning...she is still in very guarded condition - her body has been teetering between accept & reject (more to the reject side) ever since she came out of surgery.

The good news is that she is still with us and a primary candidate for a 2nd transplant...she is now awaiting a 2nd new liver.

Please pray & send positive thoughts/wishes to Fran for a "quick liver find" and a health filled 2nd transplant... Her doctors say her added advantage, is the fact that she is on the young side of life.

C'mon & join in - I know WE CAN make Fran's 2nd transplant a lifes success...WE CAN do this together :)

God Bless & Thanks Everyone


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