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Carrots on Vacation Harry White hrwhite Two carrots left the farm for a big time in the Big
Apple. They went everywhere -- shows, museums, libraries, the Statue of
Liberty, the subways, galleries.

For a real blast off their last night in town they went from bar to bar,
carousing until the wee hours.

When they stumbled out to the curb to hail a cab, one of the drunken carrots
fell in the path of a speeding car.

The other carrot called for an ambulance and followed his friend to the

After several hours of waiting and pacing, the carrot was approached by a
surgeon. The doctor told the carrot he bore both good and bad news and asked
the carrot which he wished to hear first.

The carrot told the doctor to start with the good news.

The doctor complied, stating, "Your friend will live, ... but he'll always be
a vegetable."

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