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Cowboy & Indian Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I saw the movie "Patch Adams" the other evening starring the well-known comic [I'm having a Senior moment and can't remember the very-well-known comic's name] and his character portrays this comic doctor emceeing a convention of sheep-herders. He leads off [Ahh! Robin Williams! It just came to me.] with a gag that goes like this:

Did you know the New Zealanders have invented a new use for sheep?


Yes, it's called wool!

The other one was told to me by a Basque, known for sending us their sheep-herders, earlier in the century.

The philosophical question was whether it was alright to have relations with sheep.

The religious answer was that it was, so long as the children were brought up in the Church.

Don't even remind me of the one whose punch-line has to do with the reason why I never go near that one is that she belongs to the Sheriff.

Did we have sheep on SI? I don't think so.


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