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Trivia Diane J DJ Lost How dangerous are tarantulas?

If this big hairy spider was as dangerous as it looks--which is absolutely wicked--it would rule the earth. The very sound
of its name seems to suggest, "watch out." Indeed one of the prominent science fiction films of the 1950s, in which radioactivity created a gigantic horror from a common life
form, was called "Tarantula."

I'm not going to kid you and tell you that they're just pussycats with extra legs. They are poisonous, but the concentration of the venom in those found in North America is
low enough that they're usually not a threat to human life.

In fact, some people keep them as pets. (What the heck, some people also enjoy sleeping on a bed of nails.)

But in South America, you had better be alert to the pitter- patter of lots of little feet... they are bad news!

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