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Whoa!!!! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 02/28/2000 8:03:00 AM, Admin wrote:
>maybe we weren't the only ones
>crazy enough to try & upgrade
>our servers to the latest
>release of "Windows 2000" on a
>Sunday afternoon... the test
>run went fine, the backups
>were fine... and then... the
>inevitable happened... should
>we have expected any less?
>well, in any case, sorry for
>the inconvenience...

Yep! Believe it or not ADMIN, the other ADMIN in the other place I go to had the SAME idea you did... at the SAME time!

Just to let you know, (in case you were interested *LOL*) MIND MELDED with someone from England! *S*


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