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So nice to be back! Diane J DJ Lost me fib... nevah.

I am 5'4" and shrinking each year. I think, if my mother is a good indicator, that I will be about 4'7" in about another 10 years!!!

Yes, my hair is redish... I was a real live read head until i was about 3.. trust me.

Now for the singing. I do all the time. I give concerts on my way to work every morning and way home each evening.

If there were people in the car, I would get a standing ovation... LOL

I sing like a lark.
I yodel with the best.
I, I, I, Probably will never win a grammy since people can't appreciate a true artist.

And Rich, as far as filming me.. LOL, my name ain't pamela lee!! LOL

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