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So nice to be back! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 02/29/2000 12:10:00 PM, DJ Lost wrote:
>I am short. And mobile. Both
>at the same time.
>And my hair is kind of red..
>and I have some freckles...
>And, I sing well (despite what
>HARRY said).

DJ.....You sure sound like you have the physical credentials. (Unless of course you're FIBBING!)

Nahhhh You'd never do that! WOULD YOU????? *big wide eyed innocent look on face*

I am however quite impressed at the synchronicity of your being short AND mobile....AT YOUR AGE! *LOL* WHEW WEE! You must work out girl! LOL JOLLY GOOD SHOW!

Don't ask me where THAT came from! Maybe I'm channeling someone BRITISH! *LOL*


Let's hear that VOICE! For REAL!!!!


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