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42 nd Charles Evans Cron I can get the topic going anyway Bob, I spent 6 yrs there. The armory was (is?) a NY National Guard unit, the 42nd Rainbow Division, 101st Calvary. Their function, if federalized, was combat light armor recon. Engage and disrupt the enemy until re-enforced, life expectancy 3 min. The 101st comprised of 4 companies, Headquarters, A,B and C. Each company is comprised of 5 platoons, Headquarters, A,B ,C and D. Each platoon had 5 to 6 squads and each squad 6 to 8 men. Hdq company was support to the others, track and wheel mechanics, cooks, communications, ordinance and clerks. The other 3 companies were comprised of tank and mortar crews, and armor carried riflemen.
When called up by National Guard's Commander and Chief, the Governor, the unit was used for riot and disaster control.
Anyone else, please continue.

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