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Bill of No Rights Robert Sheridan bobsheridan How 'bout this, circa 1776, or 1787 when the constitution was written, or following, when the Bill of Rights was added:

To you fuzzy-headed revolutionaries who don't understand the blessings of the King's law and order, guaranteed, at great expense to his subjects in the Mother Country, take notice:

You do not have the right not to have Redcoats quartered in your homes. Remember soldiers need shelter while they protect you and yours.

You do not have the right to be free of general searches and seizures, and any efforts to evade the stamp and commodities taxes used to help support the troops protecting you and doing the searching are obviously quite reasonable.

You do not have the right to open your big yaps and say anything you want that brings discredit on the king, parliament, or the troops keeping you nice and safe while you say anything you damn please. Where ever did you get an idea like that?

You do not have the right to make such idiocy even worse by disseminating calumnious and seditious thoughts by printing them and handing them out to any impressionable person, especially young ones whose minds might become twisted against king and country.

You do not have the right to elect your own governors, or to a jury trial of your peers, or to due process of law, because these make it more difficult for duly constituted government to function efficiently.

So for the greater good of all, kindly cease agitating for things you will never get and scarcely deserve.

-George III

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