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Raining Cats and Dogs Diane J DJ Lost Question: Why does it rain cats and dogs?

People who live with these critters and know how they can take over and rule the household -- especially cats -- might say
that it's more likely reigning cats and dogs. Anyway, it would sound pretty funny to say that it was raining gerbils and parakeets.

Of course, there is a reason for this meteorological manifestation of our favorite pets. The expression is rooted in the mythology of Northern Europe, in which cats were thought to have some kind of control over the weather. (Most cats today would tell you that's one of their lesser powers.)

It was also said that witches, who could assume the form of a cat, rode on their broom through storms. And dogs were
associated with the wind and the storm god, Odin. So if you don't want your picnic spoiled by a cloudburst, be kind to
your four-footed friend.

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