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Shoe Problem Dan Blaine DBLIVIT My wife and I each bought some new XC skiboots this season: Salomon's "Escape 4" and "Vitane 4". When we first started using them back in December, we both had blister problems on both feet. I attributed this to them being new boots.

We eventually solved the blister problems but then BOTH of us started experiencing pain on the outside of the left heel. These boots have some sort of thermo plastic heel cup under the interior lining that apparently cannot be reformed without the application of extreme heat. We suspect these heel cups are the problem.

We have no problem with any of our other shoes or boots. The boots appear to fit fine and they are the same size that we have always worn. The store where we bought them has told us they will send them back to Salomon for replacement as soon as the ski season is over.

In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions on how we can work around this problem, or has had a similar problem with their footwear?


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