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norton system works 2000 Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu harry, an iomega zip drive will not hold your ghost image if it is more than 250 mb -- that is if you have the 250mb zip drive. if you have a jaz drive which is 2gb's then you will do well. however, you have some things you must do first. believe me i been there done that and the trouble i went thru discovering all the dirty little things microsoft has done.

\anyway, try this.

setup you laptop the way you want it.

i suggest you have the hard disk partition into two partitions. the first partition (c:) should be where all your software will reside. the second partition (d:) should be where you keep all your text, sound and pix files.

after you do that, make an image of your c partition onto the d partition. then put the image on a cd. you can make a bootable cd or run the program manually from a floppy. i suggest you try makeing a bootable cd.

i can walk you thru the steps when ya read. it's faily easy and straight forward.

cheers and good luck

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