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norton system works 2000 Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu harry,

golly gee harry ya ask an awful lot o question. but i will try to answer them for you.;

crash guard. i use it at the office and at home. have found it to be "somewhat" helpful. however, i am not sure it is crack up to what norton says it is. but it has not, irept, not caused me any problems.

lets look at the other stuff.

norton does offer updates, free for at least 6 months, if i remember my license agreement correctly.

i use at least three anti-vurus programs.

norton anti-virus is ruling in real time mode.

however, i also use mcafee and norman as secondary anti-virus programs which i run manually on anything i download.

keep in mind, i am one of those extra normal people on a computer because of the work i do at work and at home.

however, i have still managed to get zapped by a rare virus. no matter what you may do to protect yourself, there is always a wise-guy out ther to try and get you, ever if the attack i not at your direct.

yea i got zapped about two weeks ago. screwed up my home computer system reall bad. i took all the precautions but still got caught. still doing some work to recover. my fault because i got tooo over confident that no one was smatte than me.

oh yea, this happens to the best of us. i ain't ashamed to admit it because i try to learn from my experiences.

let me know if i can help ya more.


norton update is very good so far.

system works has not, so far to my knowledge and my partners -- who will remain unknown at thist time, cause us any concern. it has in fact solved some problems that some of our end users have seen.

keep in mind, there is no sofware package that i am aware of that is perfect. all have flaws. i am not totally happy with the current version of norton unilities for reasons i do not have time to go into at this tiem. it is too complicate even for my small mental brain to comprehend at this time.

did i say a mouth full here???

i am still evulating norton system works. but so far i have not discovered anything else out there as comprehensive and complete as norton.

pc tools from centtral point software is dead because it was bought bout by symantec which also bought out norton.

less competition, less reliability. so ya gotta go with what ya can get.

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