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norton system works 2000 Harry White hrwhite Rich, Thanks. I'm expecting my new lap top and want to set it up with virus and crash protection. Also want a good uninstall routine to clean things up/out. I had used McCafee suite and it trashed my system or at least my system never worked the same after I installed it. After you suggested Norton Systems Works 2000 I visited the Symantic site and saw quite a few postings of horror stories. I want to avoid problems not introduce them. I like the concept of crash protection but it adds a level of software between the operating system and the application which causes me some concern. Do you use the crash guard? Any problems?
Do you use clean sweep? Any problems?
Does the package include a program that looks for updates of drivers and applications? McAfee did although I never used it.
How many anti virus programs do you have on your systems? Which ones? Do they have conflicts?
TIA, Harry

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