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You're missing the obvious. You're thinking linearly in a non~linear arena. Your conclusion that the man found comfort in envisioning "GOD" in the chair near him was not at all "proof" that he believed in an anthropomorphic God. All it was "proof" of was that he was human. Unless you're claiming to come from some other species, you too are human. ALL of us here are human. We're ~Spirits~..yes....but we're in human bodies. That speaks VOLUMES! We're that way for a REASON...for a PURPOSE. In Astrology it's called the "Urge to Merge" and it's in ALL charts in some way, shape or form. It's a Psychological faction of ALL individuals. Were it not, we wouldn't be PRO~CREATING!

Whether this particular man (in the story) is real or or factious ...doesn't matter. Whether this particular man is evolved ~Spiritually~ enough to know that God exists every WHERE and is in every THING...I don't know and I don't really care. That he did find solace in communing with "GOD" at the end of his life however was well as very touching.

Yes, when you evolve ~Spiritually~ you do indeedy know that "GOD" is not a great big super human "MAN" sitting up in a geographical "HEAVEN"...but for all that understanding is worth...we're still HUMAN...and all that that implies. We all have times where we experience the "Dark Night of the Soul". It is during those times that we experience our greatest growth.

You better than most should understand the complex and interlacing dynamics that make human beings "tick". Yes, I agree, the more ~Spiritually~ evolved one is the less they are "bound" to linear/materialistic/mundane things and ideas ...however...I do not agree that one can escape being HUMAN all together...regardless of HOW "evolved" they are. Were that true none of us would be here, sharing, reminiscing, enjoying each others ~Presence~. Humans LIKE to be connected to one another. In fact, that is the very ESSENCE of humanity. It's {{{TOGETHER}}} that we are ONE. It's {{{TOGETHER}}} that we are GOD! CONNECTING is a heathy mode of existence. Those who DON'T like to be connected or don't believe they need to be connected are even considered deviants in the mundane world. They're called sociopaths. Being "CONNECTED" is both HUMAN~LY and ~Spiritually~ in accordance with their respective Prime Directives.

As for your "chair today gone tomorrow" statement, I understood that it was a gentle play on words. I had no problem with that. In fact, I actually thought it was quite brilliant and witty. What doesn't sit well with me about it is your summary of the REASON that you said it.

That someone in their final moments here on earth was experiencing a very HUMAN moment in his want and need for connection, is not only understandable to me, but very very touching.

As for the issue of "reasons" in general well, I don't honestly ever recall ever saying: "there aren't always "reasons" why people write what they write or respond as they respond." In fact, I believe quite the contrary. I think that there are ALWAYS reasons.....

...they're just not always obvious.

Some actions are the result of CONSCIOUS thought and others are the result of INSTINCT. That doesn't mean however that the INSTICTIVE ones are without "reason". Most Physicists, Philosophers and ~Spiritualists~ that I know are in agreement that ~ENERGY~ (read the HUMAN ~Spirit~) never dies. Therefore those actions that might appear to be without reason are actually actions WITH reason....

.... embedded somewhere within in the vastness of the Time/Space Continuum.


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