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Village Bowling Alley Bill Rex Bill Well, you asked for it.Almost everyone in our family was a bowler.Aunts Uncles cousins. Mom and Pop( Babe Rex)were husband and wife champs. Mom and I were Mother and son champs and Pop and I were Father and son champs of Staten Island. When I went into the service I had three averages, 192, Saturday night mixed at the Victory. 194 in the house league at the Victory and 198 in the North Shore league at the Victory. I went in the service and did,t touch a ball for six months. After that the best I could ever do was 189. Never a first place average for me, tough competition.

I retired in December of 1992 as a tugboat Capt. My Pop , my grandfather and my great grandfather were also Tug Captains before me. When I retired it was the first time in over 100 years that there was not a Rex on the water on the East coast.I have one son who is a music producer,he writes and produces music for commercials. He makes more in one year than I made in my whole life. That, I guess is the reason that he didn't follow in my footsteps.

Man, I got long winded didn't I? Well you asked for it. Take care Bob. I hope the weather out there is OK for you. Bets


PS I am going to e-mail you a picture of me when I was 17 ,1945. Good looking kid.

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